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About Us


iPlay International is a leading Amusement Playground Equipment & Recreational Solutions Supplier from India. Having a rich experience of 8 years in Amusement Industry, iPlay International products today are widely used in shopping malls, hotels, luxury residential areas, amusement parks, playgrounds, kindergartens in India and Abroad.

iPlay International is your one stop shop when it comes to developing your idea from concept to reality. Our professional and knowledgeable team will guide you through each stage of the project and develop a proposal that meets your requirements and budget. We offer the best quality as well as the most competitive price to ensure the highest return on your investment.

Our main products are Indoor Trampoline park and Indoor Playground series; Ninja Warrior Courses, Toddler Playgrounds, Outdoor Playground, Outdoor fitness equipment, Role Play Centres, 9D Cinema Theatres, Arcade Gaming Machines & Escape Rooms.


Indoor Playground

Trampoline Park

Toddler Playground

Ninja Warrior Course

Role Play /Pretend Play Centres

Playground Flooring

Outdoor Gym Fitness Equipment’s

Volcano Slides

9D Cinema

Gaming Arcade Machines

10 Meter Rifle & Pistol Shooting Range

Escape Rooms



Indoor Playground

Kids love to have Fun and we at iPlay International love to design to help kids have a good time. Our Indoor Playground Solutions contains a variety of dynamic activities that allows children to develop both physically and psychologically. It includes Big Fibre Glass Slides, donut slides, big challenging volcano with Tube slide, tube slide, powerful ball blaster with outstanding controls, LED wave slide, amazing LED ball pool, Spider Tower, Netting Bridges and tubes, Carousel and many more fun attractions… You just name it and we have it.


We also provide customers with a rich variety of colourful theme options, such as Forest, Ocean, Space, Pirate, Candy, Circus, Castle, and Village. Our Playground Equipment’s match the ASTM and TUV Standards Certifications.


Trampoline Parks

We design, manufacture and install high quality trampoline parks, including the foam pit, climbing wall, dodge ball zone, basketball zone, battle beam, wipe out and many more…We use the best trampoline mat materials from leading and professional suppliers and combined it with tailored springs and soft coloured paddings customized by high strength PVC to make world class trampoline parks.


Toddler Playgrounds

Specifically designed and manufactured for toddlers ages 1 to 3, toddler play is a vital part of physical and mental development for smaller kids. The play area contains many interactive events and age-appropriate activities, such as interactive play panels, Ball Pools, Climbing and crawling Structures, Low height Structure Tubes & Slides & Motion Games all of which stimulates imagination and motor skill development.

Our toddler play offers an environment which is full of excitement, challenge, and lets the parents rest at ease due to its safe environment. It is designed specifically for the baby body and mind development.


Ninja Warrior Course

Ninja Course is a brand for obstacle courses that challenge and improve the strength, endurance, coordination, agility and balance of young and adults alike. Ninja warrior is an adrenaline pumping race through a maze of walls, obstacles (with adjustable difficulty), high absorption safety flooring (foam mats, inflatable mats, LED Balls or foam pit), and trampolines with different action zones. It is designed to incorporate running, jumping, vaulting, and climbing to challenge and improve strength, endurance, coordination, agility and balance. It creates a fun adventure while providing an amazing workout effect.


Our Ninja Course is a modular construction that allows clients to easily modify the number of lanes and obstacles according to their preference and space available. There is a variety of obstacles with different levels of difficulty available that can challenge a wide audience of participants. A Ninja Course can be a great fit to trampoline parks, FECs, Sports Centres, Training Facilities and Climbing walls.



Role Play/Pretend Play

The moment the kids grow up a bit, the first thing they want to do is act like adults and make themselves notice in the real world. Be it by playing Doctor-Doctor or by just being a policeman on a duty or a fireman who makes his/her way through crisis. iPlay International pretend/role play solutions aims at creating a lively, buzzing Role play centre which lets the Children have the opportunity to play different roles which will help them evolve real life skills in a fun and interesting way through carefully curated activities, peeps!


We have many Role play rooms to choose from: Police Station, Bank, Passport Centre, Detective agency, Fire Department, Construction site, Courier/Delivery, Hospital, Dino pit, Super Market, Restaurant, Fashion Store, Art & Craft centre etc

We provide complete Role play Setups with role specific Rooms, Dresses, Accessories, Detailed Role play Activities, Branding, Merchandise, Audios / Videos etc



The volcano slide is a combination of a climbing wall and slide. The children climb the volcano using the grips installed on the volcano surface to the platform above. From the platform, the children can choose to go down the slide or climb back down the volcano.


Donut Slide

Slides are a popular attraction for kids. The donut slide is a different alternative to the normal slides. The child slides down using a donut similar to how a child slides down the hill in winter.

The Donut slider is made from plastic floor mats in different colours. The slide can go straight down or it can also be designed with one or more curves.


Climbing Walls

People Love to Climb… In Life, Over the roof, mountains and where not…

At iPlay, we don’t just make ordinary climbing walls, we make environmental friendly climbing walls that are specifically tailored to provide children with both maximum enjoyment and safety! We customize our climbing walls to satisfy our client’s preferences while maintaining the highest standard of quality.

We offer a Mix of Wooden, Fibre, PE Board material, Acrylic, Plastic material Climbing Walls.